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   Special topics

   basic knowledge about keyswitches and keyboards
  details - explosiondrawings - repairtips

   basic page about keyboard decoderchips
   and keyboard matrix

Part 1 description
as PDF-file

Part 2 description
as PDF-file

          DISK II - Drive Mantainance

  Page 1 of DISKII Service and adjustmentpages
          Basic Knowledge

  Page 2 of DISKII Service and adjustmentpages
          Adjustment of the Drivespeed

  Page 3 of DISKII Service and adjustmentpages
          Adjustment of the Track Zero

  Page 4 of DISKII Service and adjustmentpages
          Adjustment of the Compensation
Replacement of Apple IIGS ROM 0 with Eprom 27C1001
by using Socket as Adaptor.

Graphic as PDF-File

    Overview of the correct Chipsets
           in Apple II series

    possible connections from Apple II series
   and Apple IIGS computers
   to different Philips RBG-Monitors
   Cheap and simpel 4 MB RAM 
  expansion for IIGS


Description as PDF-File

  The Slotrepeater from ElComp (1982 )
       descriptionpage in english

The entire description
as PDF
including PCB-Docs


A short story about
upgrading the Powersupplies
of Apple II series systems



       Upgrading an old //e
   or inserting in an //e case
   a IIGS Mainboard ROM 1


    Adaptor for Apple ][ series and use with
    either Apple-Joystick or PC-Joystick and
    4 Bit Port from the 4 annunciators
    of the Gameport
   New Apple-1 pages - related to the Apple-1
   and its replications

   Apple 1  expansioncards
   Apple II to IIGS
   Sound and Speech Card
still under development !


  Spezialkarten fr den Apple ][, Apple //e und Apple IIGS


  Image Eprom Disks
    Nuklear PAL Programmer PPR II

    Manual ( german )
PAL Prog S.1
PAL Prog S.2
PAL Data
      Springmann Eprom Programming Card

      Manual ( german )

remark: CHIP-selection is executed by inserting
                     bridged Plugs ( DIL16 ) right from IC-ZIF-Tool

DOS Program
   the   ALS CPM+ Karte with Z80B

   Review ( eng ), CPM3 Commands (eng ), CPM3 User Guide ( eng)
   CPM3 Programmers Guide ( eng )

   and the

AP22 Z80B Karte

   Manual ( german )

   - allthough both Cards have clearly different Layouts both Cards operate the
     CPU at 6 Mhz and both Cards are supplied with on 64 KByte RAM
     "onboard".Taking a closer look to the schematics of the Cards discover
     that the both are nearly identical - so for that reason at the Disk-Section
     only the Disks from ALS have been uploaded due to the fact that thay
     operate on both cards andthey offer some additionel tools like the
Die ALS Z80B Karte:

Die AP22 Z80B Karte:

CPM3 Original

Disk 1
Disk 2
Disk 3

Full Install

Prodos Adapt

    The MC 68008 CPU Card

    In September 1985 the german magazine published a DoItYourself project
    that enabled the Users to make a 68008 CPU card for the Apple II series.
    In the following months there had been few adds published to optimize
    the card and thereafter there were several program-codes published how
    to use the card. The card is able also to run with CPM and to use 68000-
    native code.

    remark: at the moment the pages here still are in the native german language,
                    but i plan to translate the entire text within the next 2 months......
                    and within that period i will also search for the codelistings and
                    software within my archives and bring up both here too.....

   unfortunatly the magazin mc was discontinued in early 2002... probably similar
   to the development in germany also in other countries the community of kids
   that still used the APPLE II fadded away due to the fact that the PCs based on
   the Intel-CPUs dominated the market...

Remark: if you intend to etch the pcb by yourself it is recomended to use the
printout of the german PDF-file - it has better resolution.

Die MC 68008 Karte:

the entire
in German

The single
Pages of
the german document

the entire document in english

single pages in english

     The  Applied Engineering  ( AE ) PC Transporter Card

    was one of the most popular CPU Cards for the Apple II Series.
    Allthough the card was rather expensive the card was remarkable
    to the fact that MS-DOS Programs did run on that card faster than
    on the XT and AT moidells of those days. AE offered a "plug-on"
    "piggy-back" module to be pluged on the main card and equiped it
    with additional 1 MByte RAM and therefor pushed the limits of the
    card ahead to a point that AT Models could only reach with additional
    RAM cards pluged in. ( for larger Pictures click here to another Photopage)

    There is quite a lot Documentation availiable:
   AE PC Transporter V.1.31 Manual (english )
   AE PC Transporter V.1.31 Addendum (english )
   AE PC Transporter V.1.31 Components and Pinouts ( eng )
   AE PC Transporter V.1.31 User Manual (english )
   AE PC Transporter V.1.31 Transdrive Installation (english )
   AE PC Transporter V.1.31 Connect a MS-DOS Drive ( eng )
   AE PC Transporter V.1.31 Brochure (english )
   AE PC Transporter V.1.31 Kartons unpacking (english )

  AE PC Transporter Card
"Piggy Back" 1 MByte RAM Upgrade
for Monitors

Trans Drive Interface for 1,6 MByte Drives


1.30 BIOS
1.30 MS-DOS
1.30 UTILS
2.0 MS-DOS
2.04 MS-DOS
2.04 UTILS
2.05 MS-DOS
2.05 UTILS

2.0 PCT 800K
2.0 PCT.2MG
2.04 PCT.SDK


   Manual ( english )


Computer Voice Input System complete topview

Computer Interface Card topview
Computer Plugin Module topview Computer Plugin Module downview



    Rademacher 942 Experimentierkarte

       the "Rademacher 942" from the german company Rademacher was in
       in former days one of the most common PCBs for experimental use and
       prototyping. The card cost in former days about $ 16 USD - but in 1998
       the company stoped the production of this card. The card had at the top
       border a length of 17,8 centimeter. In very rare occasions such cards are
       offered at ebay and it is a good idea to keep ebay under survilance for
       these rare occasions when this cards are offered - at least if you intend
       to develop own hardware for your Apple II. clicking the images brings up
       a page with high-res-scans of the card.rightclick in that page enables a
       download of the hires pictures.

   Alternative Platine zum Selber tzen ( doppelseitig )
       The second Alternative is to make some boards yourself at least if you intend
       to develop own hardware for your Apple II. clicking the images brings up
       a page with high-res-scans of the card.rightclick in that page enables a
       download of the hires pictures.

 The other
  way is to
 this Page

 that contains
 the films in

  Disk Controllers for the APPLE Family





  Basic Information on modifying Drives for use with
  different Apple Drive Controllers for big storage
         ( TEAC & Shugart drive mods. )



  Ehring FDC4 Controller Patch165 Manual
  ( german )

    - Scratch of Circuitplan

Vers. FDC4

Side 1
Side 2


  Erphi AFDC2 Disk Controller Manual &
  Circuit Plan ( german )



erphi Utilities
Side 1
Side 2
Disk Drive Tester

   IBS AP14 Industrial Drives Controller
  ( 8" and 5,25 " - up to 80 Tracks and 2 Side )
  ( german )


Side 1
Side 2
Side 1
Side 2
Side 1
Side 2
AP14 Test



     RAM Expansion Cards

   SATURN 128 KByte Card
compatible with Solarim RAM Card 
     and OHO RAM Disk Card

   Manual  ( english )

RAMdisk Software
   Applied Engineering (AE ) RAMWORKS basic

   Brochure for RAMWORKS basic ( english )
   Manual  ( english )
   Applied Engineering ( AE ) RAMWORKS 2
                                               RAMWORKS 3

   Brochure for RAMWORKS 2 ( english )
   Brochure for RAMWORKS 3 ( english )
   Manual Vers Basic, II and III ( english )
   and additional Documentation:
   Desktop Expander for AppleWorks ( english )


AW2 DOS Utils 2.4
AW2 ProDOS Install 2.5
AW2 DOS Utils 2.52
AW2 ProDOS Install 2.52
AW2 ProDOS Install 3.14
AW2 Expand&Utils 3.14
AW3  Documentation 1.0
AW3 ProDOS Install 1.0
AW3   Documentation 1.1
AW3 ProDOS Install 1.1
AW3 Documentation 1.3
AW3 Expand&Utils 1.3
Expander 4.5
Expander 4.6
Expander Ramdrive 4.7
Ramdrive DOS 3.3 V.5.11
ProDrive   ProDOS   V.5.11
Ramdrive DOS 3.3  V 5.31
ProDrive   Prodos  V.5.31

   Cirtech   PLUS RAM 1 MByte Card

   Manual  ( english )


Hybrid Disk
with UTILs
   erphi ERAM 1 MByte RAM ( Disk ) Card

   Manual  ( german )


Hybrid Disk
with UTILs

    Different Modifications of APPLE II
from 48 kB to 192 kB

    by changing 4116 chips to 4164 chips




link to the page
that contains the
descriptions of
all 3 Modifications

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