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     the Apple-1 page - the Apple-1 story   1
     the Apple-1 documents   2
     the Apple-1 link collection   3
     the Apple-1 software   4
    about the replications of the Apple-1    
     the MIMEO story   5
     the Newton1 story   6
     the Newton NTI story   7
    comparing the signals of different replication boards   18
    about the Apple-1 expansions    
    the Apple-1 Cassette Interface card ( original )   8
    the Apple-1 Cassette Interface card    from Mike Willegal   9
    the PS2 to Apple-1 keyboard Adapter from Mike Willegal   10
    general information about the expansion cards   11
    the slotexpansioncard   12
    the RAM expansioncard   13
    the ROM expansioncard   14
    the Prototypcard   15
    the Datanetics keyboardpage   16
    DIY ASCII keyboard project  (elektor 1976 )   20
   other related topics    
    story about exhibition at the Vintage Computer Festival 2013   17
    tips īn tricks about soldering mainboards   19


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