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    C) Apple1 ROMcard  ( After revision and correction! )
This card is corrected, but the size must be optimized later - before passing the data to
    PCB manufacturer - the card must become 2 cm less high and at least 2 or 3 cm less long !
  Just right from the beginning i knew that i would develop a ROMcard as alternate storage that will permit to load resident basic from Eprom instead
  from loading it each time from tape. Eprom is more reliable than tape and faster too. And such an Epromcard would permit to create a kind of
  "Utility Eprom" that contains an editor and a dissassembler as well as a assembler program or compiler or a diagnostic Eprom or just some
  resident games.

  This Card is designed for different kinds of usage:
  as ROM Card for 2708 or 2716 or 2732 Eproms
  - but also for use with 6116 Static RAM.
  If the 6116 is used, the user may use a "backup-accumulator" on board as battery to keep the content of the static RAM nonviolatile for a couple of days.
  That feature is switched "on" or "off" by a slideswitch on top of the card.

  This will enable the user to first use the Card with static RAM for development of the software, that is determined to be used in the Eprom.
  Then - after that software has been tested - the card can be used with Eproms.

  The design of the card contains microswitches and permits the adressrange of each socket to be chosen with four 4pol-DIL-microswitches
  - so each Eprom may use its own selected adressrange.

  Each socket permits to be free selectable with either 2708 / 2716/2732 or 6116 by a socket configuration plug.
  I have also integrated the ability to program the Eproms with integrated ability to produce the needed programmingvoltage on the card.
  The needed programmingvoltage can be switched "on" or "off" by Jumper at JP1 - and if it is switched on - it will be controlled by software
  on the line"T" and the Read/Write-signal. The programmingvoltage of 12,5 Volt, 21 Volt, 25 Volt or 26 Volt will be selected by a jumper at JP2.
  The +12 Volt and -12 Volt regulation is integrated too.


  Please recognize: The scans below from the testing cards differ from those,
                                that will be ordered from customers in several points:

  1. The slotpadcontacts on the testingboards are NOT goldplated.
      The cards ordered by customers will be goldplated !
 new layout with far less hight and much better balance
 by placing the the accumulator above the slot
 former Layout ( too high )
 with less good layout ( bad balance due to outside placement of accumulator )

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