the VMC 2020e
     IIe Speech recogniton input system
   Page No.:H215
      VIM (Voice Input Module) and Apple II users of the system's voice command or keyboard input in the application
to be recognized as an input device, with 16-channel audio spectrum analysis, and recognizes more than 98% .

In addition, handling in a language other than English could be set. Can be used with the keyboard while you're at
the same time the maximum sentence of 80 words were recognizable. Interface Card containd 8KB ~ 16KB
with a 6803 CPU running its own memory management, the Apple II because it does not affect large.

VMC (Voice Machine Communications) of the VIM system other than the Apple II had also tried to apply, especially
the hands and body, input devices for people with disabilities can not be used freely as the operation took in the
effort. In other words, VIM-entered by voice devices, such as work with a automatic control device can
help in the development of overcoming disabilities said.

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