Homebrew replacement Floppydiskadaptor for
  MS-DOS drives on the AE PC Transporter card
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      In 2012 i purchased a PC-Transportervard from Applied Engineering. Unfortunately i had no chance to also buy an so called "Transdrive" from Applied Engineering too - allthough such a drive is required to operate the PC-Transporter card. Without such drive itīs not really possible to activate the PC-Transporter card, because you canīt boot MS-DOS from an Apple diskdrive.

So after the card was tested by only using the card internal function menu - the further usage was set apart waiting for either the chance to get in touch with an original "Transdrive" from Applied Engineering or if that requires too much time by making a substitute adaptor.

In the meantime i decided to make a homebrew Adaptor as substiture for the use with a regular PC-Floppy drive replacing the "Transdrive". I remembered that in the mid 80īs in the German User magazine from AUGE ( Apple User Group Europe ) a page had been published with a description how to connect a MS-DOS floppydrive to the PC-Transporter. In the mid of 2013 i started scanning the USER MAGAZIN from AUGE to get them in digital format ready for my archive. When i scanned the Issue that contained that mentioned page - i splitted the copy of that page apart and saved a copy to my "pending projects" directory.

Here is a copy of that page:

Now in september i picked up that page and started with the task. First of all i decided that i didnīt want to wire up that with simple experimantal board, but instead i wanted to use a real PCB instead. At the other hand after i had transferred the plan into my PCB- design software i had to realize that eith normal use the PCB would require at least a double sided PCB - but i wanted to avoir at the one hand the delay of 14 days caused by sending the gerber files to a PCB-manufacturer and waiting for shipment of the finished PCBs and at the other hand such a task would have cost at least 100 to 150 Euro - even for such a tiny board.

Then while changing the design - to reduce the wirebridges requested - if i would reduce the PCB to a single sided layer - i also thought about the possinility of making two boards - one for pulling "straight through" a 20 pin flatribbon cable from PS-Transporter Card to the adaptor - or as alternate version - another PCB with a fixed 19-pin DB19 shell connector which would permit to use a "straight through" 19-wire cable with DB-19 connector at both sides prepared for mounting in fixed position in a case with 2 MS-DOS drives.

  In the population picture above the requsted wirebridges are drawn in red color.  
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