Apple II Gameport used for EPROM Programmer
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This is also a rather unusual project using the Gameport as controlling port for a eprom progamming device.

even though i have not translated the published description at the moment - this Unit might be interesting
to every user of an Apple II or II+ or //e. I have marked the lines in the source code of the Applesoft program
and placed translated text so that a user may be able to equip the menus with translated english text and
then this programmer will be usable to the english speaking user.

I built this programmer back in 1981. This project page contains:

A) German description ( this will be translated in next year - 2015 )
B) the circuitplan
C) the component layout and placement plan ( including the component values )
D) the pintables and their programming codes
E) the entire Applesoft source programm code
F) the entire Machinecode ( as example from the 2716 with marked area which parts are different at other eproms )
G) the top-layer of the PCB
H) the solderside-layer of the PCB
I) a view of both layers combined together
J) the compunent layerplan of the PCB
K) a diskimage in .DSK format ( DOS 3.3 ) with Applesoftprogramm and Machineprograms for different kinds of eproms
     ( related eprommachinecode parameterfiles )  and several epromfiles ( compatible with ADT-transfer )

This eprom programmer has several features very different from the usually used ones:
- Using the Gameport it is slotindependent because it does not occupy any slot !
- It can program most common old epromtypes from
2508, 2516, 2716, 2532,  2732, 2732A, 2564, 2764
 27128, as long as the eprom uses either 21 Volt or 25 Volt programming voltage.
- due to the ability to trim the programming voltage you may also be able to mofify for 12,5 Volt programming voltage

- green LED indicates Power on
- red LED indicates programming actiivity
- device has ability to check out if eprom is erased correct
- device can read eproms and save content to DOS 3.3 file
- display eprom content or epromfile at Monitor
- ability to manipulate epromfiles in RAM

The basic function works by transfering data from gameport in serial manner to device and vice versa .....
the programming voltages 21Volt or 25 Volt are generated from the + 5 Volt of the gameport
( using internal voltage conversion at the device with NE555 as "stepupconverter"

- no exotic ICīs used  - the board only contains standard logic ICs and standard transistors !
- therfore it is easy to build, easy to use and easy to mentain / repair !

At the bottom of page are links
- to .PDF file ( German with entire content in high resolution )
- link to diskimage with program ( DOS 3.3 - 5,25 Disk 140 kB ) !




PDF file with hires scans and circuitplan ( 39 MB )

.DSK File in DOS 3.3 format with
                       Applesoft programms and Epromtyp - Machinecode - Files
                       contains both versions of program :
                       GAMEEPROMDE => GERMAN PROGRAM
                       GAMEEPROMGB => ENGLISH PROGRAM
                       Disk starts with "one-strike" hello from Beagle  Bros.: Hit

Printer-Eproms .DSK contains several EPROMS and UPDATES for
                                       EPSON FX, MX and RX Printers.
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