The Slot-repeater
from ElComp - republished in "the Custom Apple" 1982 ISBN: 0 936200 05 7
   Page No.:H029

the following pages have been published first in the Magazine ElComp and later it was republisched in 1982 in the book "the Custom Apple".

  The purpose of the PCB was to give the user the possibility to interface the Apple in that way with a card in slot 7, that the Connectors of the
  PCB could be used as "external slots 1 through 4" outside of the Apple II computer and therefor have better access to own interfacecard
  developments. Due to the fact, that the "external" slots were adressed the same way as the internal ones - it was not permitted to use the
  internal slots and the external ones at the same time - otherwise it was obvious that a conflict would occur.

  Few months later the company Mountain Computer came to the market with an own development the so called Mountain Expansion Box
  which also offered "external slots" for access, that were also interfaced with the Apple II series.

   This page covers the Elcomp pages of the slot-repeater and some of the following pages, that in further advance of that PCB, offered a
   possibility to establish a computerconnection by that PCB and a VIA Interface to another 6502 computer.

   For those who are interested in recreating the PCB of the published article i have added at the bottm a link to the downloadable -.PDF-version.
   The PDF - if printed without scaling or fitting options - contains the sheets of the doublesided PCB in the correct scaling printed on a DIN-A4 scheet
    for photo-transfer.

         Link to the PDF-File   
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