Library of the Interfacecards from IBS including circuitplans    Page No.:H002-0
  Card-ID    Interface description    page  
  AP1    16 K RAM card   AP1  
  AP2    serial Interface   AP2  
  AP3    PAL RGB interface   AP3  
  AP4    Parallel interface   AP4  
  AP5    Relais card   AP5  
  AP6    Optocoupling card   AP6  
  AP7    AD Conversion card   AP7  
  AP8    16 kB CMOS card   AP8  
  AP9    16 kB CMOS RAM card   AP9  
  AP10    68B09 PU Intemex card   AP10  
  AP11    Printer interface   AP11  
  AP12    Opto coupling interface   AP12  
  AP13    RAM card   AP13  
  AP14    Floppy controller   AP14  
  AP16    80 col. Card   AP16  
  AP17    equal to AP13   AP13  
  AP19    Highspeed AD Measurement Card   AP19  
  AP20    68000 CPU Intemex card   AP20  
  AP21    6511 CPU Intemex card   AP21  
  AP22    Z80B 6 Mhz 64kB card   AP22  
  AP24    Interrupt Handler card   AP24  
  AP25    8086 CPU Intemex card   AP25  
  AP26    256 kB RAM card ( as add to AP20 or AP 25 )   AP26  
  AP27    80 col. Card   AP27  
  AP29    32 Analog Inputs   AP29  
  AP30    64 channel TTL inputs   AP30  
  AP32    experimental prototype card   AP32  
  AP33    RAM DISK card   AP33  
  AP34       AP34  
  AP51    Z80A CPU card   AP51  
  AP53    Universal Floppy controller ( similar like FDC4 )   AP53  
  AP64    EPROM programmer card   AP64  
      General Apple Bus   IBS01  
      about Floppycontrollers and Drives Mods for use with Apple   IBS02  
      General about IBS Cards   IBS03  
      General about CPU Intemex Cards   IBS04  
      General about LPT Printer cards   IBS05  
      The cooperation of Z80 and Apple   IBS06  
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