Library of common "Copycat Cards"  for the Apple II    Page No.:H001-0
      remark: this cards made in Taiwan but distributed and popular in the USA, but no documentation 
             availiable - only layout and the correct population of the cards.... so it just might be
             possible to complete at least this cards correct. Known common source of the cards
             was a company in Canada calles "nuScope".
       description       page     
  A3 Voice Synthisizer Card   ACC01  
  6850 MIDI card 1   ACC02  
  advanced 6850 MIDI card 2   ACC03  
  AD/DA Card with ADC0808   ACC04  
  Copy Card   ACC05  
  Digital Sound Sampler   ACC06  
  Eprom Burner Card   ACC07  
  IEEE488 Card   ACC08  
  Instrument Synthisizer Card   ACC09  
  MK1 keyboard Synthisizer Card   ACC10  
  MK2 keyboard Synthisizer Card   ACC11  
  Multifunction Time Card   ACC12  
  Music Machine 9 Voice card   ACC13  
  ProTime Clock   ACC14  
  Real Time Clock   ACC15  
  RGB Card   ACC16  
  Snapshot Copy Card   ACC17  
  Soundcard system with 2 Cards   ACC18  
  Super Eprom Burner   ACC19  
  Talker 1 with VOTRAX SC01   ACC20  
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