upgrading an Apple //e to a Apple IIGS    Page No.:GS02
   Several of us "old guys" that play around with Apple-computersystems have some shelves with plenty spare stuff - so this probably might
   be a task that you might want to execute....
   Apple offered in the beginning time of the introduction of the IIGS the possibility to upgrade the //e to a IIGS with an Upgrade-Kit. In fact you
   donīt really need a kit to do this, because every IIGS-mainboard with the ROM 0 or ROM 1 can be used for this. All these Mainboards have
   the area labelled with "Keyboard" and if you take a closer look to tha Powerplugarea you will recognize that also a sparearea is reserved
   to be populated with a powerconnector as it was used with the old apple powersupplies.
   You might chose to populate that plug or alter a powersource with a straigt plug to fit on the normal connectionpins. I altered the plug at
   the powersource. In the following pictures below the project is documented step by step.
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