the Vintage Computer Festival 14.0 VCFe 14.0    Page No.:A30
         exhibition of the MIMEO compared to the Newton NTI and
   introduction of the new expansioncards for Apple-1 at the 14th VCFe.
Here the 4 Posters from the exhibition table:


   My table with the replications was at the wallside of the loft. I asked for a place at the wall because i wanted to fix the above displayed posters
  ( each 60 cm x 80 cm ) with introduction to each model and some information about source ( where to get the board from ) and some facts about
  the history of each model.
              Here pictures of the two replications presented at the VCFe:

   The MIMEO at the VCFe        The Newton NTI at the VCFe


        On the last day ( Sunday the 28th April i contributed a speech on the topic of repair and maintainance of retrosystems and physical
  basics. Allthough it was sceduled 45 minutes in fact it took a bit more that 70 minutes due to complexity.
  The script of the german speech is a 22 page pdf-file. It can still be downloaded here .

   for further information about the german VCFe:
       due to european laws and german court decision:
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