the Datanetics keyboard
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  When the Apple-1 has been sold, the user had to purchase the additional required hardware from third party companies. As additional hardware it
  was neccessary to by a cassette recorder for storage, a tv-set as monitor, and a keyboard. The recommended keyboard was from Datanetics.

  Mike Willegal has made a new film from the former datanetics keyboard and sells the bare PCB of the keyboard. But the most difficult problem isnīt
  the PCB but rather more the keyswitches - because mechanical keyswitches are not manufactured any more for over 25 years. And upmost itīs
  nearly impossible to get the required keyboard encoder MM5740/AAE. So the user today has ro search for alternate kind of keyboard if he wants to
  supply his Apple-1 replica with a fitting "old-fashioned" type of keyboard.

  The replication of the Datanetics keyboard looks like this:

   One of the other solutions to solve the problem, that became common in the last years - is to adapt a ancient Apple II keyboard from a computer unit
   that canīt be resurected because of damage in the layer of the mainboard itself. In such a case itīs required to make an adapter between both keyboards
   because the later keyboards had more keys and therefor transmitted more bits to the computer. The former old keyboard only transmitted 5 bits and the
   later ones transmitted 7 or 8 bit codes.


    Another alternativ is to build up a very simple ASCII keyboard as published in the magazine Popular Electronicīs April 1974:

  the finished keyboard made according to the description above should then look like this:

    Another solution would be to aquire a keyboard from a teletype machine ( telex machine ).

   If none of this posibilities is availiable, then probably the PS2-keyboard adapter from Mike Willegal will be the very last option
   to get a working keyboard operating at the Apple-1.

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