the Apple-1 Cassette Interface Card  from Mike Willegal    Page No.:A11

   Mike Willegal, a member of the Applefritter community at, is - besides Tom Owad the leader of the applefritter platform -
   one of the most refered experts to the Apple-1. He released the most common replication of the Apple-1 - the MIMEO and he has his own
   site with dedicated information to the subject of the Apple-1, that also bears the only public availiable list to all known originals of the
   Apple-1 including their documantation.

   Everybody who wants to get familiar with the Apple-1 computer will stumble sooner or later across his website
  which contains huge amounts of valuable information on īthe topic of the Apple-1. He also distributes a set of parts and PCB to rebuild
  the Apple-1 Cassette interface and included in the set is also the set of the 2 proms which are required for proper operation of the ACI.

  At his page he mentioned besides information to the ACi also a bug discovered in the Software of the ACI.

  If you intend to build a replication of an Apple-1 independent from which of the existing PCBīs it is highly recommended to visit his page about
  the ACI ( ) and to purchase a kit from him. Only ordering the PCB is not a good idea because finally when
  assembling the PCB - you will find out that there wonīt be any other source for the requested proms. Besides the set is not expensive at all in
  relation to the PCB itself and the fact that also time is required to program that proms ( not to talk about the needed equipment for programming
  that chips... ).

  If you want to examine the ACi tough, then the oscilloscope pictures at his page will surely also help you ahead.


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