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Few days ago a member in Applefritter equiped his Mimeo ( an Apple 1 rebuild ) with a plaxiglas-case and furnished it with the logo from the former apple 1 manual. When he published the pictures from the case in the forum at aapplefritter i recognized that the original logo that was taken from the manual seemed to give an impression of some kind of "foggy" view, resulting from two points:
First of all the logo was designed for a white backgraund of the manual-paper and therefor for contrast purpose the drawing was carried out in darker shades....
and second the letters within the logo were shaded to the better look-alike of a banner.... and this limited the possible distance of clear reading to less than one yard.... ( due to the fact that you wonīt hold away the manual more than one yard ).
Due to the fact that now the logo was used on tranparent plexiglass-case and the case was intended to be presented at the VCF-festival ( where people pass by that case with larger distance than 1 yard ) i assumed in the forum that it might be a good idea to "enhance" the logo for this case.

After short exchange of the postings in the forum it seemed to turn out, that my proposal of the "enhancing" to get rid of the "foggy" impresion was not understood, so i took some hours to do the "enhancement" by myself and to present the result for comparision of both logos beside each other and thereby show the advantage of such an enhancement.

By attempting the task to enhance the logo it was very clear to me, that i did not want to make to large changes to the original logo - in order to keep the idea of the artist in the former passion. Therefor it was clear to me that i had to execute the enhancements at the pixel-level of the logo to keep it still with the look-alike of a copperstitch-printing like the original.

At the other hand it was neccessary to get the background more transparent and less "shady" for use on plexiglas - where the main purpose of the material is to give a good view to the PCB within the case. And respectivly to the fact the the letters should now keep readable to a larger distance ( up to at least 2 or 3 yards away ) it was also needed to sharpen the contrast and the borders of the letters and to reduce the shading there.

so first of all here the former (original ) logo at the beginning before the "enhancement" as it was printed on the manual:


So a look at the logo above show clearly the areas to "work-over":

1 ) scharpen the borders of the letters and remove the shades for better reading at larger distance

2 ) lighten the background ( this affects the area of the sky - which is rather dark in the logo with the idea to show
     better contrast to the clouds - but makes the sky less transparent and therefor less good for use on plexiglass
     - but to keep the cloud within - the borders of the clouds should be kept... )

3 ) the elements of the drawing ( Isaac Newton sitting under the appletree with the famous apple before it drops )
     have rather bad contrast ( no line to show the pocket of the jacket, no border between tree and back of Sir Newton,
     bad contrast between Sir Newtons hair, and no contrast at his trousers... and at larger distance the apple is to small
     and only recognized as a spot ( so the apple must be enlarged slightly ) .....

so after a few hours spent in Photoshop at the pixel-level the following result came out:

and for better comparision here both logos just besides each other and the advice to step back a little to compare both also at larger distance:

the former original logo: the new enhanced logo:

itīs up to the viewers judgement if they side with my opinion that the logo made profit from the enhancement.....

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